The brainchild of first-time filmmaker La Toya A. Hampton, MSW aka The Poet Lady Rose and commissioned by Portland Playhouse as part of their Return to Wonderland 2022 short film festival, follows the experience of a group of Black Portland teens--Nathaniel, Aaliyah, Alyssa and Olivia in a 1-week intensive writing and spoken word camp. Follow their journey as they go from novice writers to creating their own poetry, culminating in their triumphant first public performance.


La Toya A. Hampton, MSW aka The Poet Lady Rose


Charles Grant, Portland Playhouse                                                                                                   

La Toya A. Hampton, MSW aka The Poet Lady Rose🌹                                     


La Toya A. Hampton, MSW aka The Poet Lady Rose - Camp Facilitator                             

Nathaniel Tripp Folsom  aka The Poet Tripp- Youth Poet                                                       

Aaliyah Williams  aka The Known Poet Aaliyah - Youth Poet                                                 

Olivia Russ aka The Poet Lady Lassie - Youth Poet                                                                     

Alyssa Calhoun aka The Beloved Catherine - Youth Poet


Original Inspiration for the Film: In 2020, when the COVID pandemic disrupted our world and redefined what "normal" was for many, even mentally and physically "healthy" well-equipped and well-resourced adults found themselves struggling with and adapting to the rapid, drastic change and often multiple losses. But what about the youth? How were they really impacted? You might think you know, but do you? Petals and Thorns: A Spoken Word Journey will document a group of youth and their involvement in a writing and spoken workshop designed to develop, center and elevate youth voicing of their experience in the COVID world and beyond. Participants will share their works in a spoken word performance open to the community.